Our Curriculum – Overview

Our full curriculum can be viewed by clicking on the links below for each strand of our Tree of Learning for Life at Wallscourt Farm Academy. If you have any queries about our curriculum or would like further information, please get in touch with Miss Susie Weaver, Principal, using the school contact number and email.

At Wallscourt Farm Academy, we take every opportunity to ensure that our bespoke curriculum provides the basis and foundations to support all children to feel the confidence to take on new learning experiences, to link their prior knowledge and to become agents of their own learning, both in school and beyond as they grow into citizens of their community. Here is a quick word from one of our children in EYFS, reflecting on their year…

Central to the WFA curriculum is the Tree of Learning For Life, and within this document, we have mapped out the progression of learning from Reception to Year 6 and beyond. See The Tree documents below for further information.

We firmly believe learning should be progressive, connected, flexible and personalised. We want every child to get exactly what they need, and we aim to support all children to see the value and purpose in their learning, and to take ownership of their learning.


As an Academy, we do choose to still follow the new National Curriculum, but we have also taken great care, time and a significant investment to ensure our bespoke curriculum is created and crafted with the children, by the children, for the children. We are mindful of a balance between the best practices of traditional education, and also of the best that innovative learning solutions can offer our children as they move into the future in modern Britain and beyond. We support our children to take ownership of their learning, and we learn alongside them, and support them through carefully planned and captured assessments to inform their next steps in learning. This balance in terms of the basic skills, combined with an enquiry approach, coupled with skilful assessments is at the heart of the practice at Wallscourt Farm.Curriculum 2Curric 3Curric 4curric 5

We work closely with colleagues from Lighting up Learning, and we also have connections with a range of other organisations and groups, both locally, nationally and internationally. All of these connections help us to ensure the learning experiences for the children of Wallscourt Farm Academy are live, connected, informed and will support them to be learners for the 21st century and beyond.

Here is a quote from one of our parents, reflecting on their child’s first year at school…

Early Years Foundation Stage – Reception in Oak Learning Zone

Early childhood is the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. At Wallscourt Farm Academy we greatly value the important role that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) plays in laying secure foundations for future learning and development, however we also believe early childhood is valid in itself, as part of life. It is important to view the EYFS as preparation for life and not simply preparation for the next stage of education. The EYFS applies to children from birth to the end of the reception year. At Wallscourt Farm Academy, the EYFS applies to children joining us at the beginning of the school year in which they are five. 


The curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully structured to provide opportunities for children to learn through planned, purposeful play in all areas of learning and development in the indoor and outdoor environment.  Some learning is led by adults and some by the children themselves. Appropriate intervention by practitioners supports children to engage in the learning process and extend their learning.

Our curriculum enables children to learn and develop skills, attitudes and understanding in these areas of learning. Our Tree of Learning for Life at Wallscourt Farm is formed from a basis of the EYFS areas of learning, and then these areas of learning are extended and development across the different disciplines, into KS1 and KS2. The principles of learning in EYFS inform the whole school vision for learning at Wallscourt Farm Academy.

The Prime Areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, social and Emotional Development

The Specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Achievement of these prime and specific areas of learning is by:

· Playing and exploring

· Active learning

· Creating and thinking critically

The Learning Environment – The Environment as the third teacher

We recognise that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending the children’s development and that the use of resources and the environment needs to be carefully planned. We aim to create an attractive, welcoming and stimulating learning environment which will encourage children to explore, investigate and learn through first hand experience. We also aim to make it a place where children feel secure and confident, and are challenged to develop their independence. Children have the freedom to move between the indoor and outdoor learning environment throughout the school day.


Key Stage 1 at Wallscourt Farm Academy.

Split into two home zones in Year 1 – Beech Learning Zone and two home zones in Year 2 – Willow Learning Zone make up our community of KS1 learners at Wallscourt Farm Academy.

The typical day for KS1 consists of enquiry based learning where children explore a range of areas including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History and Art.  We support the children to explore the states of being- so, rather than just doing history, we unpick what it means to be a historian, a scientist, and then we provide meaningful, purposeful learning experiences to allow the children to enact this, and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding across the different subject disciplines.

Children learn core reading and writing skills through regular synthetic phonics teaching and book clubs to support both reading and the link to writing. We follow Letters and Sounds and supplement this with a whole host of phonic materials to support all children in their reading. We also have a range of other approaches to support with reading, including a Lead Reading teacher, based in Rowan Reading Zone, and many reading scheme resources, including online and e-learning resources – see below for further information.

Children take ownership for their learning through daily child led challenges linking the learning from adult / teacher led sessions across the curriculum.  This learning is celebrated at snack time daily, where children have a chance to share their learning and discuss with others what they plan to do next.

In addition to whole class teaching, adults lead learning with small groups throughout the day which allow focused teaching, support and extension of children as well as the opportunity to discuss learning and for children to reflect on their next steps with support from their peers and teacher.

Children have access to the outside (garden) space throughout the day to explore all areas of the curriculum including reading, writing, maths and physical development, in an open air space.

Children also have dedicated physical education provision twice per week.

KS1KS1Ks1 3


In search of Paddington for our enquiry…

ECaR and Reading Recovery at Wallscourt Farm Academy

What is ECaR?


Every Child a Reader is a means of organising and managing a range of effective literacy interventions for children who are finding reading and writing a challenge in Key Stage 1. It is a school based programme that aims to ensure every child achieves success in literacy, through quality first teaching and targeted literacy support.  The purpose is to provide each child with the best opportunities for learning, so every child can become accomplished in their reading and writing.  Early identification of children who are struggling with literacy is key.

Reading Recovery is at the core of ECaR and provides daily intensive teaching for the very lowest attaining children and professional support for colleagues. Reading Recovery is an individualised programme for children aged 5 or 6.  These children are struggling to read and write, despite having been at primary school and received quality first teaching for at least one year. Each child receives one-to-one teaching for 30 minutes, every day for up to 20 weeks, moving their literacy levels in line with age-related expectations of their peers. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows, and what he or she needs to learn next.

To compliment Reading Recovery, teaching partners at Wallscourt Farm are trained in Boosting Reading @ Primary, a lighter intervention providing children with extra reading support. Wallscourt Farm Academy is lucky enough to work with UWE, who send trained reading buddies to provide targeted weekly support for other children in Key Stage 1.

Would you like to contribute to ECaR at Wallscourt Farm Academy? Parent (or grandparent) volunteers could receive training in Boosting Reading @ Primary, and support our community of learners.

What can Wallscourt Farm Academy offer your child?

At Wallscourt Farm Academy, children have the opportunity to read each week with their class teacher, or teaching partner, and are guided in reading in Book Club. The book corner and baskets of levelled reading books are freely available for children to enjoy.  The teaching teams encourage children to read at home regularly, sharing their learning with parents, carers and families. Throughout the year there are other opportunities when reading is celebrated, and when children take part in specific events. These include Story Sessions, International Reading Day, Read Aloud in conjunction with Save the Children’s “Read on. Get on.” campaign to tackle illiteracy, and Bedtime Stories for World Book Day.

Curriculum Overview

The Tree Part 1 Background to Learning at WFA

The Tree Part 2 Layers of Pedagogy

The Tree Part 3 The Trunk

The Tree Part 4 An Experiential Curriculum

The Tree Part 5 Milestones and Progression

The Tree Part 6 Threads and Milestones

The Tree Part 6b National Curriculum Coverage

The Tree Part 7 Being a Philosopher

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