Our full curriculum can be viewed by clicking on the links in the curriculum menu for each strand of our Tree of Learning for Life at Wallscourt Farm Academy. If you have any queries about our curriculum or would like further information, please get in touch with Miss Susie Weaver, Principal, using the school contact number and email.

At Wallscourt Farm Academy, we take every opportunity to ensure that our bespoke curriculum provides the basis and foundations to support all children to feel the confidence to take on new learning experiences, to link their prior knowledge and to become agents of their own learning, both in school and beyond as they grow into citizens of their community.

Central to the WFA curriculum is the Tree of Learning For Life, and within this document, we have mapped out the progression of learning from Reception to Year 6 and beyond. See The Tree documents below for further information.

We firmly believe learning should be progressive, connected, flexible and personalised. We want every child to get exactly what they need, and we aim to support all children to see the value and purpose in their learning, and to take ownership of their learning.

As an Academy, we do choose to still follow the new National Curriculum, but we have also taken great care, time and a significant investment to ensure our bespoke curriculum is created and crafted with the children, by the children, for the children. We are mindful of a balance between the best practices of traditional education, and also of the best that innovative learning solutions can offer our children as they move into the future in modern Britain and beyond. We support our children to take ownership of their learning, and we learn alongside them, and support them through carefully planned and captured assessments to inform their next steps in learning. This balance in terms of the basic skills, combined with an enquiry approach, coupled with skilful assessments is at the heart of the practice at Wallscourt Farm.